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Confident Care Bedbath with Skin Check system - Spot The Red
Confident Care Products 'Bedbath'TM with skin check system Spot The Red™ - Our unique skin chec..
AU$102.60 AU$88.20
Ex Tax: AU$88.20
Drycare Clothing Protectors - Napkin Style with P-U Waterproof Backing
Drycare clothing protectors are designed to protect against spillages and are comfortable to wear wh..
AU$13.75 AU$7.15
Ex Tax: AU$6.50
Optimum 9000V Pressure Management Mattress – Visco Overlay
Optimum 9000V Pressure Management Mattress - Visco Overlay Optimum four layer pressure managment ..
AU$940.00 AU$575.00
Ex Tax: AU$575.00
OPTIMUMAIR5 DIGITAL - Air Alternating Overlay
Optimum 5 Digital Overlay - Air Alternating Overlay Support System/Static Head  Section. Micro ..
AU$2,330.63 AU$1,495.00
Ex Tax: AU$1,495.00
Small Pinkie Pad Linen Protector - Cotton/Polyester Top
Pinkies - Linen Protectors act like a saucer in a sense that the moisture is absorbed through t..
AU$14.25 AU$2.00
Ex Tax: AU$2.00
5 in 1 Care Wipes
Confident Care 5 in 1  Care Wipes are specifically designed with continence care in mind. They ..
AU$35.64 AU$33.00
Ex Tax: AU$30.00
Polyester Fire Retardant Stripe Blanket - Mushroom
Fire Retardant 100% Polyester Blanket  - Single Fire retardant tested to meet AS2755.1-1985 3..
AU$28.05 AU$7.70
Ex Tax: AU$7.00
Single Flat Sheet 50/50 Poly Cotton - Forest Green -CLEARANCE
Coloured Bed Linen Collection 50% Carded Cotton 50% Polyester Sheeting. Homogenous blend, merc..
AU$18.57 AU$5.50
Ex Tax: AU$5.00
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