OPTIMUMAIR5 DIGITAL - Air Alternating Overlay

  • OPTIMUMAIR5 DIGITAL - Air Alternating Overlay
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Optimum 5 Digital Overlay - Air Alternating Overlay Support System/Static Head  Section. Micro Air Loss Cells. Care Level - High Risk

The Optimum Air 5 Digital Alternating Support System is a digitally controlled mattress overlay system and suitable to the care of High Risk residents.

Featuring 1 in 2 alternation with static head section.

Digital control unit with non - continuous operation.

Built in audio and visual diagnositic alarm suite including power down, low / high pressure and alternation alerts.

Automatic static cutout after 20 mins for patient safety.

Heavy duty securing straps.

Transport function - up to 30 hours.

Vapour permeable, water resistant, two way stretch top cover with infection control side flaps and taped seams.

Anti kink air hoses.

Quick release connector.

Side handles for easy positioning.

Heavy duty straps to secure overlay to mattress.

CPR Pull tag.

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